Everyone has friends and shouldn't end up with an indigent burial.

Life is a beautiful journey, and part of that journey involves facing the reality of our mortality. It’s something we all share, and just as we plan for other aspects of life, It is prudent to prepare ourselves for the unavoidable by securing provisions for our end-of-life expenses, ensuring that we provide our loved ones with peace of mind. Reflecting on our mortality can be a catalyst for living a more meaningful and purposeful life, cherishing the moments we have, and creating lasting memories.

We Offer:

A nontraditional life burial insurance savings method.

A trusted place for controlled, necessary, and vital savings.

An alternative for those without traditional life burial insurance to plan for their loved ones and their future funeral expenses.

A way to save money and accept generous gifts for burial expenses from your close friends, social network friends, and family members.

Immediate peace of mind in the event of a loved one’s passing.

Kickstart your fundraising efforts today with the help of your family, friends, coworkers, and employers to secure vital support for your loved ones and others when it's needed the most.

No Loans

Just Gifts From the Heart

There are no restrictions on the number of donations or gifts a campaign can receive to support our mission throughout its duration.

In addition to the contributions from your family and friends, our nonprofit branch collects funds that are distributed to randomly selected LifeFriendsurance campaigns, further increasing the readiness for the inevitable.

If you are seeking a source for funeral items to fulfill your vision of giving your departed loved ones a fitting farewell, Lifefriendsurance is your optimal choice.

We appreciate your compassionate attitude.