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Top 10 questions people may have about being a beneficiary of a LifeFriendsurance.

There is no fixed limit on the number of items you can donate, and it’s usually a matter of what the family requires and what you are willing to contribute. The amount depends on the total raised by the campaign. 

payouts are made directly to the chosen funeral home or service provider when the need arises, which is when a loved one passes away and the funeral or memorial service is being planned.

The funeral items will be disbursed directly to the selected funeral home once the death is confirmed, along with the appropriate and valid identification provided by the campaign holder.

“The funeral items can be utilized for any deceased individual as desired by the campaign holder. Proper and valid identification and documentation will be required.”

In general, funeral expense benefits received as gifts or donations are not taxable income for the recipient. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not consider these benefits as income, and they are not reported on the recipient’s tax return.

After a campaign holder has made a request and the items have been released, the process is irreversible. Please ensure that you are confident in your item donation requests, as they cannot be undone.

Indeed, items are disbursed exclusively to the funeral homes where a funeral service arrangement is in place.

No. We are structured to provide specific items or services rather than cash payouts. The intention is to directly support the funeral or memorial service costs and ensure that funds are used for their intended purpose.

To request item donations, please consult the instructions outlined on the ‘Help with Request’ page and follow them as directed.

A valid government-issued identification with the campaign holder’s name.