Introducing Affordable Farewells:

How LifeFriendsurance Works

  • Create a Campaign: Launching a campaign is a breeze. Share your ideal funeral idea, add images, and set up a Peace of Mind LifeFriendsurance campaign/account that will make a genuine impact.
  • Spread the Word: Rally your circle of friends and extended network to join hands supporting you and your loved ones. 

  • You can make deposits to your own LifeFriendsurance campaign/account. 
  • Utilize social media, emails, and our sharing tools to spread the word and Watch as the power of friendship shines through! Witness the outpouring of love and financial support from friends near and far, coming together to make a significant difference.
  • Ease the Burden: With the funds raised, your friend can focus on what truly matters – cherishing moments with loved ones without financial stress.

  • You can monitor every contribution made to your LifeFriendsurance campaign/account, as well as the total balance of your campaign.


Join Us in Crafting Moments of Comfort and Remembrance 

Think of what we do as a safety net provided by family and friends.

Setting money aside for funeral expenses is a responsible and caring act benefiting both the individual and their loved ones.

We've reimagined funerals with compassion at the core.

Gone Are the Days of Worry: A New Era in Saying Goodbye

The financial burden of laying a loved one to rest can often force families to make difficult decisions. The fear of leaving departed loved ones to the government for disposal is a distressing reality. We proudly declare that, together, those days can be behind us.

Friends and Families
Help Each Other Everyday
on LifeFriendsurance

Donate Funeral Items to Anyone You Choose

Supporting Funeral Expenses Through Giftting - a Novel Approach.

Break up with your bad habits.

It is a fact that almost all of us indulge in a little wasteful spending at times. By reducing or eliminating unnecessary expenses and directing those funds into a friend’s or your final expenses LifeFriendsurance campaigns, anyone can be protected when that inevitable time comes.

Friends to Friends (F2F)Giving

🤲 Friendship in Action:

People often crowdfund for funerals because of the following reasons:

Financial Burden

Unexpected Circumstances

Limited Resources

Emotional Support

Honoring the Deceased.

Let’s initiate fundraising and saving ahead of our loved one’s passing, as it can help you and your family begin the long road of healing that lies ahead.