LifeFriendsurance's Disclaimer

Our platform does not accumulate interest and is not affiliated with any financial institution. Donations received are securely held on your behalf and allocated towards the specified funeral items or expenses you wish to contribute to for the intended recipient.

Please note that LifeFriendsurance solely facilitates the transfer of funds and does not manage or hold donations as investments. We do not provide financial advice or services, and the funds are specifically earmarked for the intended purpose of covering funeral expenses or items as designated by the donor. 

Donations or gifts made to the campaigns are never disbursed to campaign owners. This policy ensures that every contribution goes directly towards the specified cause or purpose outlined in the campaign, guaranteeing the intended impact of your generosity. 

Lifefriendsurance collaborates directly with the chosen funeral homes selected by families to seamlessly facilitate the payment for specific donated funeral items. This partnership ensures a smooth and efficient process in fulfilling the intended contributions.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated and will be used exclusively for the intended purpose of supporting funeral-related expenses. However, LifeFriendsurance does not assume responsibility for any changes or decisions made by the recipient regarding the use of these funds.

We encourage all donors to verify the intended use of their donations directly with the recipient or beneficiary. Your generosity plays a crucial role in supporting individuals during difficult times, and we thank you for your kindness and understanding.”

This disclaimer aims to clarify the handling of donations, emphasizing their intended purpose and the role of the campaign, while also encouraging transparency between donors and recipients.